Bad Wolf Apparel is the evolving summation of its creator’s experiences. Our inspiration is drawn from music, travel, fitness, literature, our nerdom and the cultures we submerse ourselves in everyday.


We strive to bring you apparel with a unique approach on designs, while providing you with the comfort you want in everyday wear.


So the name…Where does it come from? Well certain people will know right away while other may never get it. It was born in nerd fandom, but we feel it is a name that transcends. It evokes different thoughts and reactions to different people. The wolf has always been a focus in legend. It symbolizes many things to many people.


This becomes evident in the first shirt we ever printed. “Feed the Wolf”.


As legend has it, an old Cherokee was teaching his grandson about life. He explained that there are two wolves battling within all of us.


One wolf is Evil. It is anger, doubt, self-pity, ego, arrogance, and greed. The other wolf is joy, peace, kindness, compassion, truth, humility, generosity, hope, and faith. 


The grandson thought for a moment and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”.


The Grandfather replied, “The one you feed”.


So is Bad Wolf negative? No, it simply means you create yourself. You are strong in numbers but it is okay to be a lone wolf at times through your life.  Our story is just starting and our name will grow to mean many things. We hope you choose the way of the wolf.


Live wild and chase your dreams

Feed your passion but stay hungry

Leave your fears behind and explore this world

Be loyal… Your pack is waiting.